Wrappings Perfume By Clinique – Where Did It Go?

As a wonder journalist I often get asked by friends and partners to recommend my favorite brand new health and beauty goods. Despite the apparently endless supply of astonishing new creams and potions that wind up in my desk (for which I’m quite thankful from the way), one product that constantly features someplace in my top ten is an oldie but goodie – Clinique Wrappings Perfume.

For those of you old enough to recall, Wrappings for Girls was Clinique’s second fragrance, released in 1990. It’s reputed to enjoy a cult following. According to the business, the aim was to make a connection between clothing and odor, a thing to be attained for automatically every morning, and worn with fantastic pleasure. As for me, I just wear it on special events – it’s much too valuable and difficult to find to put on a daily basis.

The juice includes a complicated blend of components, including basil, lavender artemesia, jasmine, hyacinth, cypress, vetiver and oak moss. It’s described as mild, clean, fresh – and quite distinctive, as lovers will testify. It’s the sole perfume that frequently induces strangers to quit and ask me my odor.

For some inexplicable reason, the odor was stopped by Clinique many decades back and is simply released sometimes in restricted supplies. Clinique also seems to prefer its US clients, with Clinique Bonus collections popping up across the opposing side of the Atlantic more often than on European beaches.

So, imagine my delight when before this season I got a media release that Clinique will be re-introducing its own Wrappings women’s odor to the Europe/Middle East/Africa traveling retail area, for a period of about six months. Being a regular traveler, I intended to stock up on supplies to last me well into the future. I was also careful to not let the secret slip, lest word made out to other diehard lovers. Regrettably, I’ve yet to find any in the airport buying lounges of London, Amsterdam or Barcelona, and I fear it’s too late. Maybe they only sold out quite quickly, or a different attractiveness journo got there?

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