Main Types Of Transducers And Their Applications

Transducers convert one form of energy into another. There are various kinds of transducers on the sector and you’ll be able to use them in various applications. Listed below are just 3 of the major Kinds of transducers and their applications:


These are special kinds of transducers that are used in converting mechanical energy to electric energy. The attractiveness together is that they can also operate in reverse in which they convert mechanical energy into electric energy.

It is possible to use the components in various areas such as detecting the effect of drummer’s sticks in digital drum pads. You might even use them in discovering muscle moves.

Along with utilizing them in the audio business, you might even use them at the automotive sector in which you use them as knock sensors in automotive engine management systems. Here you utilize them in discovering engine knock.


This is a distinctive sort of pressure sensors that transmits pressure into electrical signals. They’re also called piezometers, transmitters, pressure indicators or stress sensors.

There are various kinds of these transducers on the market that you’re able to go with. The most frequent kinds include: amplified voltage, strain-gage, 4-20mA, and milivolt stress transducer.

The same as piezoelectric transducers, pressure transducers have a vast selection of applications. You are able to use them in measuring the liquid or gas pressure and convert the pressure into electric energy.

It is possible to use the components in a lot of applications like flow detection, pressure detection, flow testing, elevation sensing and level feeling.

The unique application of these units is in electricity generation. You’re able to create power using the components simply by putting them beneath rate breakers of streets. The automobile pressure is converted into electric energy.


A temperature transducer converts temperature of a device or system into a different amount like mechanical, pressure or electric energy. Generated energy is delivered to the management system in which it’s utilized in controlling a method’s temperature.

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