Advanced Clash Royale Tips

By now you know of the hit new cellular game from SuperCell. In case you haven’t, take a look. No really, check it out, It is a fun game that unites tower protection, real-time strategy, deck construction, and resource collecting. There are a whole lot of posts out there about a few of the basic suggestions to succeed in the sport. These might not be evident, but are still super important to consider.

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Know that the elixir price for the cards

I occasionally like to initiate a battle super competitive, using a hot air balloon and a priest. If my competitor can stop this, then they ought to understand I’ll be at 0 elixir. Recall what cards price to utilize and utilize this to your benefit.

Be prepared to take damage Rather than panicking

If half a sword military is coming your way, don’t panic. Your towers may take care of this. As you play, understand what it’s possible to deal with without needing to play with cards that are new. By way of instance, if you visit a prince arriving, play cards to shield. Possessing the elixir benefit will do you no good if you’ve lost the game.

Simply use fireball, arrows, etc, when Required

Using a fireball or arrows immediately at a game or any time you believe you might be over whelmed, but are not could be your down fall. Use attackers as a counter step as frequently as possible. This way should you win the battle you’ll be on the strike?


All caps. It’s that important. The King’s Tower won’t fire you until among those Arena Towers is gone if it gets struck. Should you take a fireball, or some other projectile in it until you need to, you’ll be in trouble. The King’s Tower is the most powerful and shouldn’t be hit until you’re prepared.

Reduce now to get forward

A new strategy I heard about this week. Early game epics appear to be the most useful, for example, Witch, Prince, and Mini P.E.K.K.A. As you enter new stadiums, more cards unlock, meaning your probability of finding the card you need go down. To level these ancient cards the quickest, you may need there to be few different cards that may come from chests as you can. To try it, lose. Yes, you read that properly, lose. Get back to 400 or less decorations. When you get there open chests you’ve got. You may now get the uncommon cards that you want to succeed in a higher degree.

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